How to prepare for the SEC+?

Most people (Not You) will take 2-3 times to pass the SEC+ exam costing them $1,000 or more and months if not years lost studying. You’re in luck that you’re here as I will do everything I can to ensure you pass quickly and the first time getting you into your career much faster than average. To pass the Security Plus Exam one should already be familiar with all of the content on the A+ and Net+ exam. There are many ways you can do this. I purchased the books and watched videos and that was enough for me. I also made my own study groups and created flash cards to memorize the materials. Today I would advise someone who is just starting off in IT to quickly as possible get through the A+ and Net+ content in video form via Prof Messer (Below) which is free on YouTube. He also has videos on the SEC+ but I would only use those in tandem with a course like mine in which you’re using a book and taking quizzes as the SEC+ exam is very difficult to pass. Keep in mind you’re not taking the A+ or NET+ exam so don’t waste too much time on this area. This is for reference only as you will want to make sure you understand this if you’re to work in Cyber and look and speak professionally. Most work you will find will be working for the Federal Government and so you need to look and sound your best.