Course Prep & Introduction

Welcome to Exam Prep by PVA. In this course we will go through Darrell Gibson’s book called Get Certified Get Ahead.

I personally used this book to pass my exam the first time so I know it’s the best option for you. This material can be very technical, so it’s important to take lots of notes, use flash cards, and don’t move on from a chapter until you have retained at least 90% or more.

If you’re taking this course, it is assumed that you already reviewed all of the A+ and Net+ videos which are provided to you for free. The same source offers videos on Sec+ but I would only use those to supplement with your book learning. Videos are great, but without a class, most people fail at this exam at least once. With everything I have put together for you I’m willing to wager that your chances far exceed that of most test takers that you will pass your exam the first time saving you time and money. Without further delay let’s get into it!

  • Get your notebook ready!
    • Make flash cards for concepts you can\’t seem to remember
    • Read, take notes, pass your quiz, then repeat for the next chapter. If you can\’t make the live lectures then I will be sure to save the recordings and you can access them on the website.