CompTIA Security+ (PLUS)... Get Certified!

PVA – Security+ Certification Exam Prep provides an encouraging and comprehensive online platform that covers every chunk of knowledge and confidence you'll need to pass the exam on your first try. We stand out for a few great reasons:

360° Guidance

PVA includes career coaching sessions at each stage of the process to make sure each student has what they need to pass the exam and get certified. Once certified, PVA will make connections to employment.

Full Practice Exam

Each PVA – Security+ Certification Exam Prep student has unlimited access to a scored, randomized, 300-question test with real exam answers to get you ready for the real thing.


Security+ (Plus) Exam Prep Full Online Course

We license Darril Gibson's "Get Certified, Get Ahead" curriculum, along with our video library, course notes, audio and 1-1 support during office hours.

Nick LoStracco

I'm Nick, Your Instructor

Nicholas LoStracco | Cybersecurity Professional

Welcome to PVA – Security+ Certification Exam Prep! Nick has helped hundreds of people find work in Cyber. He actively refers people to Cyber careers and has numerous connections in the industry which has continued to bring people from all walks of life to Nick over the years for help. Nick LoStracco has three degrees and is certified in the CompTIA Sec+ CE. He has taken graduate level courses in online teaching and has over 7 years working directly with students in online school environments.

It wasn't until May of 2021 that I sat for the exam. I passed it on the first time and I will help you do the same. Through my background in university admissions, I've helped thousands of people find the right career path. I bring 14 years of military experience, and I can help you use your benefits to take any courses offered by PVA (via the Post-9/11 GI Bill).

If your goal is to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Prep on the first try and connect to meaningful work as a Cyber Security professional, you've found your home room.