True or False?

"All CompTIA Security+ study courses provide roughly the same information you'll need to pass the test. "

The Return On Investment

One of our recent graduates sent in this account of her experience after completing the PVA – Security+ Certification Exam Prep Course:

Answer: It's True

The CompTIA Security+ Examination requires a clear head, preparation, disciplined study, practice, and the right resources and materials.

So... Why PVA?

Because you're not a robot! The exam is a written test that includes around 90 questions, with 90 minutes to answer. That's hard, and it's why we licensed the most proven curriculum available before building a meaningful experience that gets you connected to your future, today.

Our Promise:

In the end, PVA – Security+ Certification Exam Prep's job is to get you 1) READY to take the test, 2) SUCCESSFUL on your first try, and 3) EMPLOYED by connecting students with meaningful work opportunity.